Semester I

Course No.Course TitleCredits
A) Core Courses
AGRO-111Fundamentals of Agronomy-I112
AGRO-112Introductory Agro-meteorology and Climate change112
AHDS-111Livestock Production and Management112
EXTN – 111Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology202
HORT-111Fundamentals of Horticulture112
LANG – 111Comprehension & Communication Skills in English1 1 2
MIBO – 111Introductory Microbiology1 1 2
SSAC- 111Fundamentals of Soil Science2 1 3
Total Core Courses10717
B)Remedial Courses
AGH – 111Agricultural Heritage*110 1
BIO-111Introductory Biology*2112
MATH-111Elementary Mathematics*3202
C)Non-Gradial Courses
HVE-111Human Values & Ethics101
NSS-111National Service Scheme011
PEY-111Physical Education and Yoga011
 Sub-Total1 2 3
Total Credits (A+B+C)12/13/14 9/10 21/23

* Remedial Courses (3/5 credit)                   

*1Compulsory to all students

*2 Students who have Biology in XII std are exempted

*3Students who have MATH in XII std are exempted


Semester II

Course No.CoursesCredits
A)Core CoursesTPTotal
AGRO – 123Fundamentals of Agronomy-II112
BOT – 121Fundamentals of Crop Physiology112
ECON- 121Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics202
ENGG – 121Soil and Water Conservation Engineering112
ENTO – 121Fundamentals of Entomology112
EXTN- 122Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education213
GBP- 121Fundamentals of Genetics213
PATH – 121Fundamentals of Plant Pathology213
B)Non-Gradial Course
 FRST-121 Introduction to Forestry112
EDNT-121Educational Tour*011
C)Common Course
EXTN- 123Communication Skills and Personality Development112
Total Credits (A+B+C)141024

Semester III

Course No.CoursesCredits
A)Core CoursesTPTotal
AGRO – 234Crop Production Technology-I (Kharif crops)112
AGRO – 235Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management112
BIOCHM – 231Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology213
ENGG – 232Farm Machinery and Power112
ENTO – 232Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management112
GPB – 232Fundamentals of Plant Breeding112
HORT – 232Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices112
PATH – 232Principles of Integrated Disease Management112
STAT – 231Statistical Methods112
B)Common Courses
COMP – 231Agri- Informatics112
ESDM – 231Environmental Studies and Disaster Management213
Total Credits (A+B)131124

Semester IV

Course No.CoursesCredits
A)Core CoursesTPTotal
AGRO – 246Crop Production Technology-II (Rabi crops)112
AGRO – 247Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture101
AGRO – 248Principles of Organic Farming112
AHDS – 242Livestock Breeding and Nutrition112
ECON – 242Agriculture Finance and Cooperation213
ENGG – 243Renewable Energy and Green Technology112
ENTO – 243Pest of Horticultural Crops and their Management112
GPB – 243Principles of Seed Technology123
HORT – 243Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops112
SSAC – 242Problematic Soils and their Management112
B)Elective Courses (3 credits)
ELE BOT – 242Micropropogation Technologies123
ELE EXTN – 244Agricultural Journalism213
ELE GPB – 244Commercial Plant Breeding123
ELE PATH – 243Bio-fertilizers, Bio-control Agents and Bio-pesticides213
Subtotal Elective123
C) Non-Gradial Course
EDNT – 242Study Tour*011
Total Credits (A+B+C)121325

* Educational Tour shall be organized after completion of Sem.IV and before start of Sem.V

Semester V

Course No.CoursesCredits
A)Core CoursesTPTotal
AGRO – 359Practical Crop Production-I (Kharif crops)011
AHDS – 353Technology of Milk and Milk Products.112
BOT – 353Intellectual Property Right101
ECON – 353Agricultural Marketing Trade and Prices213
ENTO – 354Pests  of Crops and Stored Grain and their Management- I112
GPB – 355Crop Improvement – I (Kharif Crops)112
HORT – 354Production Technology for Ornamental Crops, MAP and Landscaping112
PATH – 354Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management213
SSAC – 353Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management213
B)Common Courses
EXTN – 355Entrepreneurship  Development and Business Communication112
C)Elective Course (3 credits)
ELE AGRO – 3510Weed Management213
ELE ECON – 354Agribusiness Management213
ELE FST – 351Food Safety and Standards213
ELE HORT – 355Protected Cultivation of Horticultural Crops213
Subtotal 213
Total Credits (A+B+C)141024


Semester VI

Course No.CoursesCredits
A)Core CoursesTPTotal
AGRO – 3611Practical Crop Production-II(Rabi crops)011
AGRO – 3612Geo-informatics and Nano-technology and Precision Farming112
AHDS – 364Sheep Goat and Poultry Production112
ECON – 365Farm Management, Production and Resource Economics112
ENGG – 364Protected Cultivation and secondary Agriculture112
ENTO – 365Management of Beneficial Insects112
FST – 362Principles of Food Science and Nutrition202
GPB – 366Crop Improvement – II (Rabi crops)112
HORT – 366Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables112
PATH – 365Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management-II213
B)Elective Course (3 credits)
ELE AGM – 361System Stimulation and Agro-advisory213
ELE HORT – 368Hi tech Horticulture213
ELE HORT – 367Landscaping213
ELE SSAC – 364Agrochemicals213
Subtotal 213
Total Credits (A+B)131023


Semester VII

Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme (RAWEP)

Course No.Course TitleCredits
RAWE 4701Agronomy0 + 2
RAWE 4702Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science0 + 1
RAWE 4703Agricultural Botany0 + 1
RAWE 4704Agricultural Economics0 + 2
RAWE 4705Agricultural Entomology0 + 1
RAWE 4706Agricultural Engineering0 + 1
RAWE 4707Extension Education0 + 2
RAWE 4708Horticulture0 + 1
RAWE 4709Plant Pathology0 + 1
RAWE 4710Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry0 + 1
RAWE 4711Reports on study of Village attachment/Unit attachment in Univ./College, KVK, Res. Station0 + 1
RAWE 4712Reports on study of Agro-Industrial attachment or Reports on study of Agro-based industry/enterprise0 + 6

Semester VIII

Experiential Learning/Hands on Training

Course No.Course TitleCredits
ELM AGRO 4801Organic Farming Production Technology0+10
ELM AGRO 4802Commercial production of organic inputs0+10
ELM AHDS 4803Poultry production0+10
ELM AHDS 4804Processing of Milk and Milk Product0+10
ELM BOT 4805Seed Production and Technology0+10
ELM BOT 4806Tissue Culture Techniques0+10
ELM ENGG 4807Natural Resources Management0+10
ELM ENTO 4808Mass Production of Bio-agents and Bio-pesticides0+10
ELM ENTO 4809Commercial Beekeeping0+10
ELM ENTO 4810Silkworm cocoon production technology0+10
ELM HORT 4811Commercial Horticulture0+10
ELM HORT 4812Floriculture and Landscaping Gardening0+10
ELM HORT 4813Nursery Management of Horticultural Crops0+10
ELM HORT 4814Commercial Vegetable Production0+10
ELM HORT 4815Protected Cultivation of Flowers and Vegetables0+10
ELM HORT 4816Post-harvest Management and Value Additions of Horticultural Crops0+10
ELM PATH 4817Mushroom Cultivation Technology0+10
ELM PATH 4818Biofertilizer Production Technology0+10
ELM SSAC 4819Soil, Water, Plant and Fertilizer Analysis0+10
ELM SSAC 4820Agricultural Waste Management0+10
ELM FST 4821Food Processing0+10

This program will be undertaken by the students preferably during the eighth semester for atotal duration of 24 weeks with a weightage of 0+20 credit hours. The students will register for anyof two modules, listed as above, of 0+10 credit hours each.