Credits: 2(1+1)

Statistics: Definition, Use, Limitations.
Frequency Distribution and Frequency Curves.
Measures of Central Tendency: Characteristics of Ideal Average. Arithmetic Mean Median, Mode and their Merits and Demerits; Measures of Dispersion. Standard Deviation, Variance and Coefficient of Variation;
Probability: Definition and concept of probability Normal Distribution and its properties;
Introduction to Sampling: Random Sampling; the concept of Standard Error, Tests of Significance Types of Errors, Types of Hypothesis, Level of Significance and Degrees of Freedom, Steps involved in testing of hypothesis, Large Sample Test SND test for Means, Single Sample and Two Samples and Paired t-test F-test; Chi-square Test in 2 X 2 Contingency Table, Yates’ Correction for continuity,
Correlation: Types of Correlation, Scatter Diagram, Computation of Correlation Coefficient r and its testing, Linear Regression: of Y on X and on Y. Inter-relation between ‘r’ and regression coefficients.
Experimental Designs: Basic Principles, Completely Randomized Design (CRD), Layout and analysis with equal and unequal number of observations, Randomized Block Design (RBD), Layout and analysis, Latin Square Design (LSD), Layout and analysis.

PRACTICALS (Experiments):
1) Frequency Distribution and Frequency Curves.
2) Computation of Arithmetic Mean, Median for grouped and ungrouped data.
3) Measures of Dispersion, Standard Deviation, Variance and Coefficient of Variation for ungrouped and grouped data.
4) Large sample test-SND test for single sample and two samples.

5) Small sample test – Student t-test for single sample, two sample and paired t-test, F-test.
6) Chi-square Test, Test of Goodness of Fit and 2 x 2 Contingency Table, Yate’s Correction for Continuity.
7) Computation of correlation ‘r’ Karl Pearson’s Method and its testing.
8) Computation of rank correlation coefficient ‘r’ Spearman’s Method and its testing.
9) Simple Linear Regression of Y on X and X on Y.
10) Analysis of Completely Randomized Design (CRD).
11) Analysis of Randomized Block Design (RBD).
12) Analysis of Latin Square Design (LSD).