SSAC – 353


Credit: 3(2+1)


Introduction and importance of organic manures, properties and methods of preparation of bulky and concentrated manures.Green/leaf manuring. Fertilizer recommendation approaches. Integrated nutrient management. Chemical fertilizers: classification, composition and properties of major nitrogenous, phosphatic, potassic fertilizers, secondary & micronutrient fertilizers, Complex fertilizers, nano fertilizers Soil amendments, Fertilizer Storage, Fertilizer Control Order. History of soil fertility and plant nutrition.criteria of essentiality. role, deficiency and toxicity symptoms of essential plant nutrients, Mechanisms of nutrient transport to plants, factors affecting nutrient availability to plants. Chemistry of soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and micronutrients. Soil fertility evaluation, Soil testing. Critical levels of different nutrients in soil. Forms of nutrients in soil, plant analysis, rapid plant tissue tests. Indicator plants.Methods of fertilizer recommendations to crops. Factor influencing nutrient use efficiency (NUE), methods of application under rainfed and irrigated conditions.


Introduction of analytical instruments and their principles, calibration and applications, Colorimetry and flame photometry.Estimation of soil organic carbon, Estimation of alkaline hydrolysable N in soils.Estimation of soil extractable P in soils. Estimation of exchangeable K; Ca and Mg in soils . Estimation of soil extractable S in soils..Estimation of DTPA extractable Zn in soils.Estimation of N in plants.Estimation of P in plants.Estimation of K in plants.Estimation of S in plants.

Practical (Experiments):

1) Principle and application of  spectro-photometry / Colorimetry

2) Principle and application of flame photometry and atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS)

3) Determination of moisture from organic manures and its preparation for nutrient analysis

4) Determination of organic carbon from organic manures by ignition method

5) Estimation of available nitrogen in soil (Alkaline permanganate method)

6) Estimation of available phosphorus in soil

7) Determination of available potassium in soil using flame photometer

8) Determination of exchangeable Ca& Mg in soil by EDTA method

9) Estimation of available sulphur in soil (Turbidity method)

10) Estimation of DTPA extractable micronutrients from  soil using AAS

11) Estimation of total N from plant sample by Micro Kjeldahl’s method

12) Plant analysis for P,K, secondary and micronutrients

13) Fertilizer adulteration test / identification of adulteration in fertilizer / Detection of adulteration in fertilizers (Rapid test)

14) Determination of nitrate nitrogen content of potassium nitrate

15) Determination of water soluble phosphorus in superphosphate (Pumberton method)

16) Determination of acid soluble phosphorus from rock phosphate

17) Determination of total potassium content of muriate of potash (flame photometer)

18) Determination of zinc content from micronutrient fertilizer (EDTA Method)