Credits: 3(2+1)

Introduction – Raw materials- Manures – Bulky and concentrated – FYM, Composts – Different methods, Mechanical compost plants, Vermi compost, Green Manures, Oil cakes, Sewage and sludge- Biogas plant slurry, Plant and animal refuges. Fertilizers-classification, Manufacturing processes and properties of major nitrogen (ammonium sulphate, urea, calcium ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate nitrate) phosphatic (single super phosphate, enriched super phosphate, enriched super phosphate, diammonium phosphate, ammonium poly phosphate). Potassium and complex fertilizers their fate and reactions in the soil, Secondary and micronutrients fertilizers, Amendments. Fertilizer Control Order, Fertilizer Storage; Biofertilizers and their advantages, Organic chemistry as prelude to agro chemicals, Diverse types of agrochemicals, botanical insecticides (Neem), Pyrethrum, Synthetic pyrethroids. Synthetic organic insecticides, Major classes, Properties and uses of some important insecticides under each class. Herbicides – Major classes – Properties and uses of 2, 4-D, atrazine, glyphosate, butachlor benthiocarb; Fungicides – Major classes – Properties and uses of carbendazim, carboxin, captan, tridemorph and cropper oxychloride – Insecticides Act. Plant growth regulators.

Total nitrogen and phosphorus in manures/composts – Ammonical and nitrate nitrogen – water soluble P205, potassium, calcium, sulphur and zinc contents of fertilizers COD in organic wastes-Adulteration in fertilizer. Agrentimetric and iodometric titrations – their use in the analysis of lindane metasystox, endosulfan, malathion, Copper and sulphur fungicides – Compatibility of fertilizers with pesticides.

Practical (Experiments):
1) Determination of organic carbon from Compost, Oil cake.
2) Determination of total nitrogen from FYM, Compost and Oil cake & C.N ratio.
3) Determination of phosphorus and potassium from, Compost etc.
4) Determination of total N (Amide N ) from urea.
5) Determination of ammonical nitrogen (NH4-N) from ammonium sulphate.
6) Determination of nature nitrogen (NO3-N) from potassium nature.
7) Determination of water soluble phosphorus from single super phosphate.
8) Determination of citric acid soluble phosphorus from rock Phosphate.
9) Determination of total K from muriate of potash.
10) Assessment of manure quality.
11) Determination of ‘S’ contents of fertilizer.
12) Determination of Zinc consents of fertilizer.
13) Estimation of COD value of organic waste.
14) Estimation of adulteration of fertilizer.
15)Arginomatric and odometric titration use in the analysis of Metasystox, Malathion, Copper and Sulphur fungicides.
16) Compatibility of fertilizer with pesticides.