RAWE 401



Credits: 0+5

Agronomy: Different methods of FYM and compost production and enrichment; Effective use of organic manures; Integrated approaches in crop, water, nutrient and weed management; approaches in management of watersheds, soil and water; Effective use of available resources for crop production; Contingent crop planning for aberrant. Weather conditions; Harvesting and processing of field crops; Identification of ITKs on soil and water management.

Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry: Soil and water sampling techniques for analysis; Interpretation of soil and water test results; Fertilizer recommendation based on soil test results for different crops; Identification and management of problematic soils and water; Effective utilization of organic wastes; Simple methods to detect adulteration of fertilizers and evaluate them and maturity of compost; Enhancement of fertilizer use efficiency.

Agricultural Engineering: Improved agricultural implements unviable for different operations; Demonstration on use of new implements for different operations; Identification and improvement of ITKs on soil and water conservation techniques.

Agricultural Microbiology and Food Science and Nutrition: Bio-fertilizers for different crops; Mushroom cultivation; Preparation of nutrient rich foods, balanced diets for different age groups; Value added products; Identification of food adulteration.

Horticulture: Propagation and nursery management techniques; production technologies for major vegetables, flowers, spices and t crops; Management of plantations, Orchards; importance and establishment of nutritional/kitchen garden; High-tech horticulture; harvesting, handling and post harvest technologies including processing of horticulture crops.