Credits: 0+5

Selection of grains: Test Suitability of grains namely Rice, Wheat, Ragi, Maize, Pulses for Processing as approved by (FDA/FAO/WHO/GOI/GOK/BISI any other) Indian regulatory agency. Primary processing of grains: Dehusking/dehulling milling, roasting popping, malting, etc. for grains namely – ragi, paddy, wheat, millets, maize, pulses, nuts, Value added/fortified flours & foods: Energy food mix: Ragi /wheat maize/millets. Malt Drink, Supplementary foods, Fortified composite flour, Instant flour makes. Techniques for quality evaluation of products, Physical. Sensory and Objective evaluation methods computing nutritive value. Food Safety Measures: Hygiene/sanitation/ standards/regulations related to grains and products based on suitable methods approved by FDA/FAO/WHO/GOI/GOK/BIS/FSSAI/ any other Indian regulatory agency. Shelf life of products: Grain storage practices. Use of additives and Preservatives. Labeling and its importance. Market study of exiting labeled foods. Label designing/ Packaging its requirements. Development of RTE Foods. Flour based, Shelf stable snacks foods. Acceptability testing, project plan and Presentation By students: Product design, Machinery and equipment. Material and marketing supply chain. Processing and recording/book keeping, costing.

Value chain of raw materials: Study existing practice in industry through visit and interaction Milling industry- Procurement/milling/ marketing system Storage and testing of raw materials Testing, function and behaviour. Familiarization of equipments used their role, functioning, operation techniques. Cleaning, conditioning, Regulation, maintenance, handing. Fermented baked produces. Processing of bread by different methods, Importance of RH/ Temperature/pH, Baking and finishing, Processing of rolls/pizza/rusk. Serving Techniques. Processing Biscuits: Regular biscuits, Fiber rich. (Different fibers), Alternative sweetener use. Alternative fats. Alternative grains. Cake Process technology. Regular, Fruit incorporated. Special cake. Vegetable cake. Grain bye-product cakes. Quality of Baked foods. Bread. Cake, Biscuits. Hygiene and Sanitation: Personal hygiene, Unit hygiene. Machinery cleaning. Product packing and clean storage. Possible contaminants. Project planning Techniques: Calling for quotation, scrutiny/ordering/costing/ procurement/Process costing labour costing market status/ book keeping/marketing and pricing, Industry visit.

Practicals: Microbial analysis of water. Enumeration of micro-organism in raw cereals, flours, processed and stored foods. Isolation and enumeration of possible containments in processing equipment, food handlers and food process in area. Microbial analysis of fermented and baked products. Enumeration of possible containments in processing equipments, food handlers and good processing area. Enumeration of microorganism in raw dry fruits and vegetables.