PATH-121: Plant Pathology

History of plant pathology, Classfn of fungi

Bacteria and mollicutes

Fungi – General characters, definition of fungus, somatic structures 12, 13, 14 lectures

Fungi, Reproduction Lecture 12,13,14,15

Classification of plant diseases

Study of Phanerogamic Plant Parasites

Pathology 121 Lecture nos – 34,35,36

Nature, chemical combination, classification of fungicides n antibiotics Lectures 31,32,33

Plant pathology lecture notes 16,17,28,29,30

PATH-121: Mode of action and formulations of fungicides and antibiotics (Presentation 1)

PATH-121: Nature, chemical combination, classification of Fungicides and Antibiotics (Presentation 2)

PATH-121: Principles and methods of plant disease management (Presentation 3)