Credit: 2(2+0)

Matrices-Definition of matrices, Addition of matrices, Subtraction of matrices, Scalar Multiplication, product of Matrices, Types of Matrices, Transpose of matrix, minor and cofactor. Inverse of matrix by adjoint method upto third order.
Determinants -Definition of determinant as a function of square matrices, evaluation of determinant of second and third order only. Properties of determinants.
The Plane Co-ordinate Geometry- Distance Formula, Section Formula, Section formula for internal division, Section formula for External division.(Without proofs).
Straight Lines- Equation of co-ordinate axes, Equation lines parallel to axes, Slope -Intercept form of equation of line, Slope -Point form of equation of line, Two Point form of equation of line, Intercept form of equation of line, General form of equation of line(Statements of form of equations only), Point of intersection of two straight lines, Angle between two straight lines, conditions for two lines to be parallel and perpendicular.
Circle – Definition of circle, various forms of equation of circle i.e. centre-radius form, standard form, three point form, diameter form and General form.
Mensuration- Illustration of ordinates of curve and common distance between ordinates, Statement of Simpson’s 1/3rd Rule(Without proof), Examples based on Simpson’s rule.
Function, Limit & Continuity- Definition of function, types of function, Theorems on limits (statement only), Definition of continuity, Simple Problems on limit, Simple Problems on continuity.
Differential Calculus-Definition of Derivatives, Differentiation of simple functions(Formulae’s), Derivatives of Sum ,difference, product and quotient of two functions(statement only), Differentiation of function of function(statement only), simple problems based on it.
Integral Calculus – Indefinite integral : Definition, integrals of elementary functions (Formulae) Theorems, Integration of functions by decomposition method, Examples based on it.
Integral Calculus & its Application -Definite integral :Definition of Definite Integral, Examples based on it, Area under simple well-known curves.( simple problem based on it.)