Credit: 2(1+1)

The following Lessons from the textbook—Current English for Colleges are for the theory classes along with the Exercises at the end of each lesson.
1. Education

2. Employment

3. Unemployment

4. Application

5. Planning

6. Curriculum Vitae

7. Interview

8. Reporting

9. General Knowledge

10. Stress

11. Short Story

12. Environment

13. Computerecy

14. A Dilemma

15. Entertainment

16. You and Your English

17. Usage and Abusage

18. War Minus Shooting

Vocabulary- Antonym, Synonym, Homophones, Homonyms; Functional grammar: Articles, Prepositions; Verb, Subject-Verb Agreement; Written Skills: Paragraph writing, Precis writing; The Style: Importance of professional writing; Preparation of Curriculum Vitae and Job applications; Interviews: kinds, Importance and process; Listening Comprehension: Listening to short talks lectures, speeches (scientific, commercial and general in nature). Oral Communication: Stress and Intonation, Conversation practice. Reading skills: reading dialogues, rapid reading, intensive reading, improving reading skills. Mock Interviews: testing initiative, team spirit, leadership, intellectual ability. Group Discussions.

Practicals (Experiments)

1) Education
2) Employment
3) Unemployment
4) Application
5) Planning
6) Curriculum Vitae
7) Interview
8) Reporting
9) General Knowledge
10) Stress
11) Short Story
12) Environment
13) Computeracy
14) A Dilemma
15) Entertainment
16) You and Your English
17) Usage and Abusage
18) War Minus Shooting