Credits: 0+5

Introduction about the course, crops and methodology to be followed. Selection of crops roses, jasmine, Bird of paradise (open cultivation), rose, gerbera and carnation under protected cultivation (based on the season, availability and resources some annuals/ bulbous ornamental crops may be included) Preparation of nursery bed, main field, soil treatment, irrigation facilities. Procurement of planting material and inputs. Seed treatment, application of manure and fertilizers, nursery sowing, transplanting, planting. Intercultural operations weeding, earthing up, plant protection through IPM, irrigation, top dressing, pinching, disbudding, deshooting, desuckering, staking, netting training and pruning, harvesting of flowers, seeds, corms, tubers, pre-cooling, grading, storage, packing, value addition, transportation and marketing Economics, cost of cultivation, B:C ratio and economic feasibility studies. Visit to flower auction centers; IFAB, K.R. market, visit to hi-tech units and farmers field Final evaluation and examination.