HORT – 354


Credit: 2(1+1)


Importance and scope of ornamental crops, medicinal and aromatic plants and landscaping.Principles of landscaping.Landscape uses of trees, shrubs and climbers. Production technology of important cut flowers like rose, gerbera, carnation, lilium and orchids under protected conditions and gladiolus, tuberose, chrysanthemum under open conditions.Package of practices for loose flowers like marigold and jasmine under open conditions. Production technology of important medicinal plants like asparagus, aloe, costus, Cinnamomum, periwinkle, isabgol and aromatic plants like mint, lemongrass, citronella,palmarosa, ocimum, rose, geranium, vetiver.Processing and value addition in ornamental crops and MAPs produce.


Identification of Ornamental plants.Identification of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.Nursery bed preparation and seed sowing.Training and pruning of Ornamental plants.Planning and layout of garden.Bed preparation and planting of MAP.Protected structures – care and maintenance.Intercultural operations in flowers and MAP. Harvesting and post harvest handling of cut and loose flowers. Processing of MAP. Visit to commercial flower/MAP unit.

Practical (Experiments):

1) Identification of Ornamental plants and flower crops

2) Identification of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

3) Propagation of Ornamental plant

4) Propagation of medicinal and aromatic plants

5) Nursery bed preparation and seed sowing

6) Training and pruning of Ornamental plants

7) Planning and layout of garden

8) Bed preparation and planting of MAP

9) Protected structures – care and maintenance

10) Intercultural operations in flowers

11) Intercultural operations in MAP

12) Harvesting and post harvest handling of cut flowers

13) Harvesting and post harvest handling of loose flowers

14) Processing of MAP

15) Visit to commercial flower

16) Visit to MAP unit