Credit: 2(1+1)

Horticulture-Its definition and branches, importance and scope; horticultural and botanical classification; climate and soil for horticultural crops; Plant propagation-methods and propagating structures; principles of orchard establishment; Principles and methods of training and pruning, juvenility and flower bud differentiation; unfruitfulness; pollination, pollinizers and pollinators; fertilization and parthenocarpy; kitchen gardening; garden types and parts; lawn making; medicinal and aromatic plants; species and condiments; use of plant bio-regulators in horticulture. Irrigation & fertilizers application-method and quantity.

Identification of garden tools.Identification of horticultural crops.Preparation of seed bed/nursery bed. Practice of sexual and asexual methods of propagation. Layout and planting of orchard plants.Training and pruning of fruit trees.Transplanting and care of vegetable seedlings.Making of herbaceous and shrubbery borders.Preparation of potting mixture, potting and repotting.Fertilizer application in different crops.Visits to commercial nurseries/orchard.

Practicals (Experiments):
1) Identification of garden tools
2) Identification of horticultural crops
3) Identification of horticultural crops
4) Preparation of seed bed/nursery bed
5) Practice of sexual method of propagation
6) Practice of asexual methods of propagation – Cutting & Layering
7) Practice of asexual methods of propagation – Budding
8) Practice of asexual methods of propagation – Grafting
9) Layout and planting of orchard plants
10) Training and pruning of fruit trees
11) Transplanting and care of vegetable seedlings
12) Making of herbaceous and shrubbery borders
13) Preparation of potting mixture, potting and repotting
14) Fertilizer application in different crops
15) Visits to commercial nurseries
16) Visits to commercial orchard