Credits: 2(1+1)


Communication – meaning, Definition, models, elements and their characteristics. Barriers in communication.
Transfer of Technology: Meaning and Definition.
Extension Programme Planning – Meaning Definition of planning, programmes and project, importance, principles and steps in programme planning process.
Monitoring – Meaning and Definition.
Evaluation – Meaning, definition, types, differences between monitoring and evaluation.
Extension Teaching Methods – Meaning, Definition, functions and classification.
Individual contact methods – Farm and Home visit, Result Demonstration, Field trials – Meaning, objectives, steps, merits and demerits.
Group contact methods – Group discussion, Method demonstration, Field trips – Meaning, objectives, steps, merits and demerits. Group discussion techniques- Lecture, Symposium, Panel Debate, Forum, Buzz group, Workshop, Brain storming, Seminar and Conference.
Mass contact methods – Campaign, exhibition, Farmers Rally, Radio & Television, Community Radio Stations (CRS). Factors influencing the selection of Extension Teaching Methods and combination (Media Mix) of teaching methods. Advanced information Sources – Internet, cyber café, Video and Tele conferences, Kisan Call Centers, Consultancy clinics.
Agricultural Journalism – Meaning, scope and importance.
News – Definition, meaning, sources of news, types merits and limitation.
Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations – Meaning, Definition, Innovation – Decision Process – adopters categories and their characteristics, factors influencing adoption process.
Capacity Building of Extension Personnel and Farmers – Meaning, definition, Training process (steps) types of training to extension personnel, farmers, farm women and rural youth, FTC and KVK.

Identifying the problems, fixing the priorities and selecting a most important problem for preparation of project.
Developing a project based on identified problems in a selected village Organization of group discussion and method demonstrations. Planning and writing of scripts for radio and television. Planning and preparation of visual aids- charts, Posters, LCD Projector Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Projector.
Planning and preparation of Extension Publications – Leaflet, Folder, Pamphlet writing News Stories and Success Stories Handling of Public Address Equipments (PAE) Systems, Camera, Video Camera an. LCD Projector.

Practical (Experiments):
1) Visit to village to identify the important agricultural problems: Market problems, irrigation problems, fertilizers problems and other problems related to agriculture.
2) Developing a project: Based on identified problems in a selected, village.
3) Organization of Group Discussion: Meaning, types, advantages limitations and assignment to the students.
Organization of Method Demonstration: Meaning, objectives and steps in conducting method demonstration.
4) Planning and writing scripts for Radio and Television.
5) Planning and preparation of Visual Aids Charts: Definition, stops in preparation of charts, types. Poster-Definition, steps in preparation of poster and components.
6) Planning and preparation of Extension Publications: Leaflets- Definition, steps in writing leaflets, advantages and limitations.
Folder: Definition, steps in writing folders, advantages and limitations.
Pamphlet- Definition and importance.
7) Writing News stories: Definition of news, sources of ‘news, kinds, steps in writing news stories and news structure.
Writing success stories-Definition and steps in writing success stories.
8) Handling of Public Address Equipment (PAE) System-Definition, principles, steps in operation of Public Address System.
Camera: Types, steps in effective use of camera.
Video Camera- Steps in effective use of camera.
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): Salient features, different parts, technical specifications and advantages.