Credits: 3(2+1)

Education:Meaning, definition andtypes – Formal, informal and non formal education
Extension Education-Meaning, definition, need, scope and process; history, objectives, philosophy, principles and approaches.
ExtensionProgrammePlanning- Meaning, process, principles and steps in programmedevelopment.
Extension systems in India:
Extension efforts in pre-independence era : Sriniketan, Marthandam, Firka Development Scheme, Gurgaon Experiment
Post-independence era : Etawah Pilot Project, Nilokheri Experiment
Present extension System : Department of Agriculture : Structure, Function
Various extension/ agriculture development programmes launched by ICAR/ Government of India : Introduction, Objectives and Salient Achievements
Intensive Agricultural DistrictProgramme (IADP)
Intensive Agricultural Area Programme (IAAP)
High Yielding Varieties Programme (HYVP)
Institution-Village Linkage Programme (IVLP)
Operational Research Project (ORP)
National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP)
National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP)
RashtriyaKrishiVikasYojana (RKVY).
New trends in agricultural extension:Meaning , Objectives, Salient features
Privatization in extension,
ICT in Extension education – Cyber extension/ e-extension,
Market-led extension,
Farmer-led extension,
Rural Development:Concept, meaning, definition, objectivesand genesis
Various rural development programmes launched by Government of India : Introduction, Objectives and salient features
Swarnajayanti Gram SwarojgarYojana (SGSY)
Indira AwasYojana (IAY)
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
Prime Ministers’ RozgarYojana (PMRY)
District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)
Integrated Watershed Development Programme (IWDP)
Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Area (PURA)
Rashtriya MahilaKosh – (National Credit Fund for Women)
MahilaArthikVikasMahamandal (MAVIM)
Community Development. : Meaning, definition, concept, principles and philosophy.
Democratic Decentralization (Panchayati Raj) : Meaning, Constitution and functions
Extension administration and management:Meaning and concept, principles, functions and differences
Evaluation in Extension : Meaning, definition, types of evaluation, monitoring and evaluation
Transfer of technology programmes: Lab to Land programme (LLP),National Demonstration (ND), Front Line Demonstration (FLD),KrishiVigyanKendras (KVK), Technology Assessment and Refinement Programme (TARP) of ICAR.
Capacity building of extension personnel and farmers : Meaning, Training and Education, Types of training, Training institutes in India, Concept of Human Resource Development
Extension Teaching Methods and Audio-Visual Aids : Meaning, definition, importance, classification, media mix strategies; Factors affecting selection and use of methods and aids
Communication: Meaning and definition; elements, selected models and barriers to communication.
Agriculture journalism : Meaning, definitions, news writing
Diffusion and adoption of innovation: Concept and meaning, Attributes of innovation, Innovation decision process, adopter categories.


Practicals (Experiments):
1) Study of university extension system.
2) Organizing group discussion- exercise;
3) Handling and use of digital camera
4) Handling and use of LCD projector
5) Handling and use of Public Address System,
6) Preparation of extension literature – leaflet, folder,
7) Preparation of effective power point presentations
8) Writing of news story
9) Writing success story
10) Study of structure and functioning of DRDA
11) Study of structure and functioning of Department of Agriculture
12) Visit to NGO and learning from their experience in rural development;
13) Visit to village to understand PRA techniques and their application in village development planning;
14) Visit to community radio / television studio for understanding the process of programme production;
15) Writing for print / electronic media,
16) Developing script for radio / television.