Credits: 2(2+0)

Sociology :Meaning, definition
Rural Sociology : Meaning, definition, scope, importance of Rural Sociology in agricultural extension and interrelationship between Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension.
Indian Rural Society : Important characteristics, differences between rural and urban societies.
Social Groups : Meaning, definition, classification, factors considered in formation and organization of groups, and role of social groups in agricultural extension
Social Stratification : Meaning, definition, functions, Basis for stratification, forms of social stratification, Characteristics and differences between class and caste system
Cultural Concepts : Culture, customs, folkways, mores, taboos, rituals and traditions – Meaning, definition and their role in agricultural extension.
Social Values and Attitudes : Meaning, definition, types and role of social values and attitudes in agricultural extension.
Social Institutions :Meaning, definition, major institutions in rural society : Marriage, family, and religion, functions and their role in agricultural extension.
Social Control : Meaning, definition, need of social control and means of social control.
Social Change : Meaning, definition, nature of social change, dimensions of social change and factors of social change.
Leader : Meaning, definition, types and their role in agricultural extension.
Psychology and Educational Psychology : Meaning, definition, scope and importance of educational psychology in agricultural extension.
Behavior: Cognitive, affective, psychomotor domain
Intelligence : Meaning, definition, types, factors affecting intelligence.
Personality : Meaning, definition, types, factors influencing personality.
Teaching-Learning Process : Meaning and definition of teaching, learning, Learning experience and learning situation, elements of learning situation and its characteristics, Principles of learning and their implication for teaching.
Perception: Meaning, definition, role of perception in agricultural extension
Motivation :Meaning, definition, role of motivation in agricultural extension