Credits: 2(1+1)

Green house technology, Introduction, Types of Green Houses, Plant response to Green house environment, Planning and design of greenhouses, Design criteria of greenhouse for cooling purposes. Materials of construction for green houses, Irrigation systems used in greenhouses, Choice of crops for cultivation under greenhouses, Growing media, soil culture, type of soil required, drainage, flooding and leaching soil pasteurization in peat moss and mixtures, rock wool and other inert media.
Drying, grain drying, types of drying, types of dryers, Storage, grain storage, types of storage structures, Cleaning machinery, Grading, methods of grading, equipment for grading of fruits and vegetables, Size reduction, equipment’s for size reduction, Seed processing cleaning and grading, Separators, Storage structures, Quality standards FAQ, ASTA, FPO, FDA.

Study of different types of green houses based on shape, construction and glazing materials, Calculation of air rate exchange in an active summer cooling system, Calculation of air rate exchange in an active winter cooling system. Visit to commercial green houses, Study of mechanical dryers, Study of improved grain storage structures, Study of cleaners & graders. Study of size reduction machinery. Study of grain/seed processing machinery. Study of separators.

Practical (Experiments):
1) Study of Different types of Greenhouse.
2) Study of Greenhouse Covering and Construction Materials.
3) Cost estimation of polyhouse.
4) Study of Cooling Systems and Ventilation of green house.
5) Study of Quality of Soil and Water required for Greenhouse Crops.
6) Study of Instruments for Greenhouse.
7) Study of irrigation systems for Greenhouse.
8) Visit to Commercial Greenhouse.
9) Study of Grain Dryers.
10) Study of Storage Structures and Design of Bag Storage Structure.
11) Study of Size Reduction Machineries.
12) Study of Grading Machineries for Fruits and Vegetables.
13) Study of Grain/ Seed Cleaners.
14) Study of Grain / Seed Separators.
15) Study of Quality standard.
16) Visit to Seed Processing Plant.