ENGG – 364




Green house technology: Introduction, Types of Green Houses; Plant response to Green house environment, Planning and design of greenhouses, Design criteria of green house for cooling and heating purposes.Materials of construction for traditional and low cost green houses. Irrigation systems used in greenhouses, Important Engineering properties such as physical, thermal and aero & hydrodynamic properties of cereals, pulses and oilseed, their application in PHT equipment design and operation. Drying and dehydration; moisture measurement, EMC, drying theory, various drying method, commercial grain dryer (deep bed dryer, flat bed dryer, tray dryer, , re-circulatory dryer and solar dryer). Material handling equipment; conveyer and elevators, their principle, working and selection.


Study of different type of greenhouses based on shape.Study of Greenhouse Covering and Construction Materials. Study of Cooling System used in Green House. Study of Irrigation System used in Green House. Cost Estimation of Poly houses for 560 Sq.m Study of greenhouse equipment’s. Visit to Commercial Green House. Visit to various Post Harvest Laboratories. Determination of Moisture content of various grains by oven drying & infrared moisture methods.Study of Grain Dryers.Study of Material Handling Equipments.Determination of engineering properties (shape and size, bulk density and porosity of biomaterials).Determination of Moisture content of various grains by Universal moisture meter.Field visit to seed processing plant.

Practical (Experiments):

1) Study of Different Types of Green Houses

2) Study of Green House Covering and Constructional Materials

3) Study of Cooling System Used in Green House

4) Study of Instruments and Equipments used in Green House

5) Study of Irrigation Systems Used in Green House

6) Cost Estimation of Poly-house for 560 sqm.

7) Visit to Commercial Green House

8) Determination of Moisture Content of Various Grains by Oven Method

9) Determination of Moisture Content of Various Grains by Universal Moisture Meter

10) Determination of Moisture Content of Various Grains by Infrared Moisture Meter

11) Determination of Physical Properties of Grains

12) Study of LSU and Baffle Dryers

13) Study of Tray and Solar Dryers

14) Study of Material Handling Equipments-Belt Conveyor, Screw Conveyor and Bucket Elevator

15) Visit to Seed Processing Plant

16) Visit to Post Harvest Laboratories