Credits: 2(1+1)

Farm power in India: Sources, I.C. engines, working principles, two stroke and four stroke engines. I.C. engine terminology, different systems of I.C. engine, tractors. Types, Selection of tractor and cost of tractor power. Tillage implements. Primary and secondary tillage implements, Implements for intercultural operations seed drill, paddy trans-planters, plant protection equipment and harvesting equipment: Equipment for land development and soil conservation.

Study of different components of I.C. Engine; Study of working of two stroke engine: Study of M. B. plough, Study of disc plough: Study of seed ¬cum -fertilizer drills-furrow opener, metering mechanism, and calibration; Study, maintenance and operation of tractor: Learning of tractor driving: Study, maintenance and operation of power tiller, study of different inter cultivation equipment in terms of efficiency, field capacity; Repairs and adjustments and operation of sprayers; Repairs and adjustment and operation of dusters; Study of paddy trans-planters.

Practical (Experiments):
1)Study of components of internal combustion (I. C.) engine.
2)Study of two stroke cycle engine.
3)Study of four stroke cycle engine.
4)Study of Fuel supply systems for S. I. engines.
5)Study of Fuel supply systems for C. I. engines.
6)Study of Lubrication system.
7)Study of Cooling systems.
8)Study of Clutch System of the tractor.
9)Study of Gear box and differential unit of the tractor.
10)Study of primary tillage implements: mould board plough and disc plough.
11)Study of secondary tillage and inter-culturing tools and implements.
12)Study of seed-cum-fertilizer drill and calibration of seed drill.
13)Study of sprayers and dusters.
14)Study of power tiller.
15)Operation and maintenance of tractor.
16)Visit to tractor factory or workshop.