Credit: 2(1+1)


Classification of energy sources, contribution of these of sources in agricultural sector, Familiarization with biomass utilization for biofuel production and their application, Familiarization with types of biogas plants and gasifiers, biogas, bioalcohol, biodiesel and biooil production and their utilization as bioenergy resource, introduction of solar energy, collection and their application, Familiarization with solar energy gadgets: solar cooker, solar water heater, application of solar energy: solar drying, solar pond, solar distillation, solar photovoltaic system and their application, introduction of wind energy and their application.


Familiarization with renewable energy gadgets. To study biogas plants, To study gasifier, To study the production process of biodiesel, To study briquetting machine, To study the production process of bio-fuels. Familiarization with different solar energy gadgets. To study solar photovoltaic system: solar light, solar pumping, solar fencing. To study solar cooker, To study solar drying system. To study solar distillation and solar pond.

Practical (Experiments):

1) Study of floating drum biogas plants

2) Study of fixed drum biogas plants

3) Study of different types of gasifiers

4) Study of the production process of biodiesel

5) Study of production process of ethanol

6) Study of Solar Photovoltaic fencing

7) Study of box type solar cooker

8) Study of parabolic cooker

9) Study of solar water heater

10) Study of solar dryer

11) Study of solar water pumping system

12) Study of solar lightning system

13) Study of solar photovoltaic system

14) Study of solar distillation system

15) Study of the solar pond

16) Visit to Renewable energy integrated plant