Credits: 2(1+1)

Introduction to Computers, Anatomy of Computers, Input and Output Devices, Units of Memory, Hardware, Software and classification of Computers., booting of computer, warm and cold booting, Computer Viruses, Worms and Vaccines, Operating System — WINDOWS. Disk Operating System, Some fundamental DOS Commands, FORMAT, DIR, COPY, PATH, LABEL, VOL, MD, CD, DEL, TREE and DELTREE, Rules for naming files in DOS and -Wes of files. WINDOWS: GUI, desktop and its elements, working with files and folders using WINDOWS Explorer; setting time and date. Anatomy of a WINDOW, Title Bar, Minimize, Maximize and Close Buttons, Scroll Bars, Menus and Tool Bars. Features of word-processing packages. Creating, Editing, Formatting and saving a document; Electronic Spreadsheets, concept, Creating, Editing and Saving a spreadsheet. Concept of cell range and cell reference. Use of in¬built Statistical functions: SUM, Average, LN , LOG, SQRT , MEAN, MEDIAN, GEOMEAN, ASIN ,STDEV, CORREL. Use of data analysis tools, correlation and regression, t-test for two samples and ANOVA with one and two way classification (RBD & CRD). Creating Graphs, Features of slide presentation package. Concept of Database (RDBMS), creating updating database. Internet: World Wide Web (VVWW), Concepts, Web Browsing and Electronic Mail.

Study of Computer Components; Booting of Computer and its Shut Down; Practice of some fundamental DOS Commands, TIME, DATE, DIR, COPY, FORMAT, VOL, LABEL, PATH; Practicing WINDOWS Operating System, Use of Mouse, Title Bar, Minimize, Maximize and Close Buttons, Scroll Bars, Menus and Tool Bars; Window explorer, creating folders copy and paste operations. Creating a Document, Saving and Editing; Use of options from Tool Bars, Format, Insert and Tools (Spelling & Grammar) Alignment of text; Creating a Table, Merging of Cells, Column and Row width; Creating a Spread sheet, Alignment of rows, columns and cells using Format tool bar; Entering Expressions through the formula toolbar and use of in-built functions, SUM, AVERAGE, STDEV; Data Analysis using inbuilt Tool Packs, Correlation & Regression; Creating Graphs and Saving with and without data; Creating Database (RDBMS), Structuring with different types of fields; Preparation of slides; Transforming the data within different Applications; Internet Browsing: Browsing Web Page and Creating E-Mail ID.

Practical (Experiments):
1) Introduction.
2) Types of Software, OS, Study of DOS.
3) Windows I.
4) Windows II.
5) Word Processing I.
6) Word Processing II.
7) Creation of spread sheet.
8) Handling of in-built functions using spread sheet software.
9) Data analysis by in-built function in spread sheet software.
10) Creation of graph with spread sheet.
11) Creation of database.
12) Querying database.
13) Preparation of Slide presentation, Data transfer between different applications.
14) Internet, Browsing and E-mail ID Creation.