ELE HORT – 368




Introduction & importance; Nursery management and mechanization; micro propagation of horticultural crops; Modern field preparation and planting methods, Protected cultivation: advantages, controlled conditions, method and techniques, Micro irrigation systems and its components; EC, pH based fertilizer scheduling, canopy management, high density orcharding, Components of precision farming: Remote sensing, Geographical Information System (GIS), Differential Geo-positioning System (DGPS), Variable Rate applicator (VRA), application of precision farming in horticultural crops (fruits, vegetables and ornamental crops); mechanized harvesting of produce.


Types of polyhouses and shade net houses, Intercultural operations, tools and equipments identification and application, Micro propagation, Nursery-protrays, micro-irrigation, EC, pH based fertilizer scheduling, canopy management, visit to hi-tech orchard/nursery

Practical (Experiments):

1) Tools and equipments, identification and application

2) Study  of different types of polyhouses and shade net houses

3 & 4) Intercultural operations in high density orchards

5 & 6) Intercultural operations in vegetables and flowers

7 & 8) Plant architecture

9 & 10) Micropropogation  of horticultureal crops

11 & 12) Hi-tech nursery production technique in protrays

13) Hi-tech Irrigation systems

14) Soil and water EC, pH measurement  and  fertigation

15) Precision  farming techniques used in horticultural crops

16) Visit to hi-tech orchard/nursery