ELE HORT – 367




Importance and scope of landscaping,principles of landscaping, garden styles and types, terrace gardening, vertical gardening, garden components, adornments, lawn making, rockery, water garden, walk-paths, bridges, other constructed features etc. gardens for special purposes. Trees: selection, propagation, planting schemes, canopy management, shrubs and herbaceous perennials: selection, propagation, planting schemes, architecture. Climber and creepers: importance, selection, propagation, planting, Annuals: selection, propagation, planting scheme, Other garden plants: palms, ferns, grasses and cacti succulents. Pot plants: selection, arrangement, management. Bio-aesthetic planning: definition, need, planning; landscaping of urban and rural areas, Peri-urban landscaping, Landscaping of schools, public places like bus station, railway station, townships, river banks, hospitals, play grounds, airports, industries, institutions. Bonsai: principles and management, lawn: establishment and maintenance, CAD application.


Identification of trees, shrubs, annuals, pot plants; Propagation of trees, shrubs and annuals, care and maintenance of plants, potting and repotting, identification of tools and implements used in landscape design, training and pruning of plants for special effects, lawn establishment and maintenance, layout of formal gardens, informal gardens, special type of gardens (sunken garden, terrace garden, rock garden) and designing of conservatory and lathe house. Use of computer software, visit to important gardens/ parks/ institutes

Practical (Experiments):

1) Identifications and propagation of annual, herbs and shrubs

2) Identifications and propagation of climbers, creepers and perennials

3) Identifications and propagation palms, ferns, grasses, cacti and succulents

4) Planning, designing and layout of formals and informal gardens

5) Planning, designing and layout special gardens.

6) Study of different potting mixtures, soilless cultures and preparation of potted plants

7) Maintenance and repairs of potted plants

8) Planting and Maintenance of Lawn

9) Irrigation and nutrient management in Landscape garden

10) Practicing terrarium gardens and vertical garden

11) Development and Maintenance of topiary

12) Practicing flower Arrangement

13) Bonsai Practicing and training

14) Canopy Management in ornamentals shrubs and perennials

15 & 16) Visit to Landscape gardens.