Credit: 3(2+1)


  • Journalism : Meaning, definition, importance
  • Agricultural Journalism : Meaning, definition, agricultural journalism in rural areas, problem and prospectus of agricultural journalism
  • Agricultural Journalism: The nature and scope of agricultural journalism, characteristics and training of the agricultural journalist, how agricultural journalism is similar to and different from other types of journalism.
  • Newspapers and magazines as communication media: Characteristics; kinds and functions of newspapers and magazines, characteristics of newspaper and magazine readers.
  • Form and content of newspapers and magazines: Style and language of newspapers and magazines, parts of newspapers and magazines.
  • The agricultural story: Types of agricultural stories, subject matter of the agricultural story, structure of the agricultural story.
  • Gathering agricultural information: Sources of agricultural information, interviews, coverage of events, abstracting from research and scientific materials, wire services, other agricultural news sources.
  • Writing the story: Organizing the material, treatment of the story, writing the news lead and the body, readability measures.
  • Illustrating agricultural stories: Use of photographs, use of artwork (graphs, charts, maps, etc.), writing the captions.
  • Editorial mechanics: Copy reading, headline and title writing, proofreading, lay outing.


Practicals (Experiments):

1) Practice in interviewing.

2) Covering agricultural events.

3) Abstracting stories from research and scientific materials and from wire services.

4) Writing news story

5) Writing magazine story

6) Writing success story.

7) Preparation of leaflet

8) Preparation of folder

9) Script writing for radio and television

10) Selecting pictures and artwork for the agricultural story.

11) Practice in editing, copy reading, headline and title writing,

12) Use of proofreading symbols

13) Preparing layout of farm publication

14) Preparing cover design of farm publication

15) Testing copy with a readability formula.

16) Visit to press to understand the process of publication of newspaper