Credits: 2(1+1)

Agricultural Marketing: Concepts and Definition, Scope and subject matter,
Market and Marketing: Meaning, Definitions, Components of a market, classification. Market structure, Conduct, performance. Market functionaries or agencies, Producer’s surplus: Meaning, Types of producers surplus, marketable surplus. Marketed surplus, importance, Factors affecting Marketable surplus.
Marketing channels: Meaning, Definition, Channels for different products.
Market integration: Meaning, Definition, Types of Market Integration.
Marketing efficiency: Meaning, Definition, Marketing costs, Margins and price spread, Factors affecting the cost of marketing costs.
Theories of International Trade: Domestic Trade, Free trade, International Trade, GATT, WTO, Implications of AOA. Market access, Domestic support, Export subsidies, EXIM-Policy and Ministerial conferences. Cooperative Marketing. Sate ‘Fading. Wire Housing Corporation; Central and Sate, Objectives, Functions, Advantages.
Food Corporation of India: Objectives and Functions. Quality Control, Agricultural Products, Characteristics of agricultural produce and commodity exchange, AGMARK.
Price: Meaning, Need for Agricultural Price Policy.
Risk in Marketing: Meaning and importance, Types of Risk in Marketing. Speculations and Hedging, Futures trading, Contract farming.

Types of marketing channels; Study of Model Act, Regulated markets; Study of unregulated markets; Study of livestock markets; Price spread analysis; Visit to market institutions, NARED; Study of SWC, CWC and STC; Analysis of information of daily prices; Marketed and marketable surplus of different commodities.

Practical (Experiments):
1)Study of the different Crops of Marketing Channel. Definition Marketing Channel for seed grains, Oilseeds, Pulses, Vegetables and fruits.
2)Study of Farmer’s markets, Regulated Markets, Unregulated Markets.
3)Study of Model Act.
4)Study of Livestock Markets.
5)Estimation of Marketing cost and Price Spread for Food Grains. (Rice)
6)Estimation of Marketing cost and Price Spread for Fruits and Vegetables.
7)Estimation of Marketing cost and Price Spread of Pulses.
8)Study of the National Agriculture Co-operative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED).
9)Study of the State Warehousing Corporation (SWC, Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC).
10) Study of State Trading Corporation/Marketing Federation.
11) Study of Seasonal Indices of Arrivals and Prices of Cereals.
12) Study of Seasonal Indices of Arrivals and Prices of Pulses.
13) Estimation of the Marketable and Marketed surplus for different Agricultural Commodities.
14) Study and visit to different Market Institutions.