CMA. 404


Credits: 0+5

Demonstration of different types of biofertilizers and their role in plant nutrition. Acquaintance of laboratory and mass production equipments. Preparation of different culture media and sterilization techniques. Mother culture and starter culture production and their maintenance. Rhizobium isolation from root nodules of leguminous plants and its mass production in bottle digesters or fermenters. Isolation of Azotobacter, Azospirillum, PSB and PSF from crop rhizosphere and their mass multiplication. Isolation of BGA (Blue Green Algae) and Azolla from paddy fields and its mass multiplication (isolation and mass multiplication of any two above said microorganisms only) Carrier material for biofertilizer. Different formulations of biofertilizer packing and storing methods. Compost degrading and enriching microorganisms and their mass multiplication. Entrepreneurship development – preparation of projects proposals for setting different capacities of biofertilizer units.