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World Environment Day – 5th June 2022

Dr Suresh Kunkalikar, Principal

The first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1974 and is now celebrated every year on 5th June as an UN-sponsored flagship campaign for the protection and promotion of the environment. The World Environment Day 2022 is hosted by Sweden. “Only One Earth” is the campaign slogan, with the focus on “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”. Maintaining harmony with nature is possible by taking care of all the living and non-living organisms in nature, which include plants, animals, reptiles, flora, fauna, marine life, soil, water, air etc. The day also addresses rising population, global warming, food production, the effect of climate change on agriculture, and pollution in the sea, rivers, ponds, lakes, and open wells.

The need and greed of people on this planet earth increased the problems of the use of plastic, glass, theromocol, and metals for their needs and survival. The digital world started generating tons of e-waste every day. The use and throw culture for a change produced garbage of mostly non-degradable matter.

The time has come to stand together to address the challenges to maintain harmony with nature. This includes the need to reduce carbon footprints, curbing the flow of industry effluents into the river and sea, minimal use of water and natural resources, afforestation, water harvesting, reducing air pollution etc.

In Goa, the population of people is rising and so are their needs. Every day thousands of new vehicles are coming on the road releasing carbon dioxide into the air. The mining in thick forests is causing air pollution, blocking water streams, damaging cultivable paddy, vegetable fields, and coconut, mango, and pineapple cultivation.

The industries in various industrial estates and luxury hotels in the state have increased demand for diminishing water and natural resources.

We the educated people may now stand together for our own survival and work unitedly for the protection of the environment. We can begin with the concept Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle of all the resources we use in everyday life. Let us pledge to plant and protect more trees in open areas, use less plastic, reduce e-waste, recycle paper, adopt water harvesting methods, and reduce the use of vehicles, electricity, and all the resources we use in our daily life to protect the nature and only earth in this universe.