AGRO – 359


Credit: 1(0+1)


Crop  planning,  raising  field  crops  in  multiple  cropping  systems:  Field  preparation,  seed, treatment,  nursery  raising,  sowing,  nutrient,  water and weed management  and management  of  insect-pests  diseases  of  crops,  harvesting,  threshing, drying winnowing, storage and marketing of produce. The emphasis will be given to seed production, mechanization, resource conservation and integrated nutrient, insect-pest and disease management technologies. Preparation of balance sheet including cost of cultivation, net returns per student as well as per team of 8-10 students.Study of farm inventories and records*,

(To get practical oriented knowledge to the student, 2 R area per student will be allotted for raising kharifcrop of the region. The student has to raise the crop from sowing to harvesting threshing, drying, winnowing, storage and preparation of produce for marketing. Also he has to study the cost of cultivation, net return per student as well as per team of a group of students.*)

(Note : * new inclusion)

Practical (Experiments):

1) Introduction, aims and objectives of practical crop production –  Allotment of plot and its history.

2) Study of seed production of kharif crops

3) Study of mechanization and  resource conservation of kharif crops

4) Study of physical and chemical properties of the allotted plot to the students

5) Study of package of practices for growing kharif crop (timely, late and rainfed)

6) Study of farm inventories and records

7) Preparation of calendar of operation for kharif crop

8) Study of preparatory, secondary tillage and seed bed preparation for kharif crop

9) Sowing and seed treatment of kharif crop

10) Study of integrated nutrient management of kharif crop

11) Study of water management to kharif crop

12) Determination of germination/emergence count of kharif crop

13) Study of growth and yield contributing characters of kharif crop

14) Study of interculturing and weed management in kharif crop

15) Study of integrated  insect pest and diseases management in kharif crop

16) Study of crop maturity signs and harvesting of kharif crops

17) Threshing, drying, winnowing, storage and preparation of produce for marketing of kharif crop

18) Study of cost of cultivation and working out net returns per student

19) Study of post harvest technology of kharif crop

20) Summary report of practical crop production

21) Study of weekly weather record for kharif season