Credits: 3(2+1)

Origin, geographical distribution, economic importance, soil and climatic requirements, varieties, cultural practices and yield of rabi crops.

Vegetables: Brinjal, Ladyfinger, Chilly, Capsicum, Raddish.

Cereals: Rice, Wheat, Millets including Sorghum.

Pulses: Chickpea, Lentil, Peas, French bean.

Oilseeds: Safflower, Sunflower, Groundnut, Mustard.

Commercial crop: Sugarcane.

Medicinal and aromatic crops: Mentha, Lemon grass, Citronella, Aloe vera, Gloriosa superba.

Forage crops: Maize, Fodder grasses.

Seed bed preparation, sowing and transplanting of rice, dibbling of sunflower, raising of scooped bud plantlets and planting of sugarcane; Calculations of ‘seed’ rate of different crops; Top dressing of nitrogen in rice and study of fertilizer experiments on rice; identification of weeds in rice and grain legumes, application of herbicide and study of weed control experiments; Morphological characteristics of rice, sugarcane, chickpea; Yield contributing characters of rice; Yield and quality analysis of sugarcane; Visit to research stations related to rabi crops.

Practicals (Experiments):
1) Preparation of calendar of operations for important rabi crops.
2) Study of seeds and plants of important rabi crops.
3) Preparation of seedbed and irrigation layouts for important rabi crops.
4) Study of different seed treatments for rabi crops.
5) Sowing of important rabi crops and calculation of seed rate of rabi crops.
6) Sowing of forage crops.
7) Study of important growth stages and recording growth observations of rabi crops.
8) Thinning and gap filling in rabi crops.
9) Fertilizer application to rabi crops and calculation of fertilizer requirement of rabi crops.
10) Inter-culturing and weed management in rabi crops.
11) Study of morphological characters of rice, sugarcane, chickpea.
12) Scheduling of irrigation at critical growth stages for rabi crops.
13) Study of yield and quality aspect of important rabi crops and yield contributing characters of rice.
14) Study of signs of maturity, harvesting.
15) Threshing and winnowing of rabi crops.
16) Preparation of jaggery from sugarcane.
17) Study of cost of cultivation of rabi crops.
18) Visit to research station related to rabi crops.