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1) Introduction of Indian agricultural heritage, Need and importance for studying Agricultural Heritage
2 & 3) Ancient agricultural practices, Paleolithic age (old stone age), Mesolithic period, Neolithic Agricultural Revolution Chalcolithic culture (Bronze age) and Beginning of Agriculture in India: Archeological and historical facts.
4) Indus civilization, Vedic civilization and Relevance of heritage to present day of agriculture.
5, 6 & 7) Status of farmers in the society during Indus, Vedic, Buddhist, Mauryan, Gupta and Sangam periods, commodity trade etc. and present status of modern agriculture and farmer in society.
8 & 9) Plant production through indigenous traditional knowledge.
10) Crop voyage in India and world.
11) Agriculture scope in India and Goa Chronological agricultural technology development in Indian Agriculture.
12 & 13) Importance of agriculture and agricultural recourses available in India i.e. land, weather, irrigation, labour, capital, market etc.
14) Crop significances and classification.
15) National agriculture setup in India.
16) Indian agricultural concerns and future prospects.